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Sources of student travel grants in India (AI and Vision conferences)

  • Mailing the conference itself to ask:
    • if they provide student travel grants (for example, ICIP, AAMAS do).
    • if they have a student volunteer option (they fund you partially in exchange for your help in arrangements).
  • Google Travel and Conference Grants

    • reply within 10 days.
    • usually only funds top tier CS conferences as mentioned on their website, with preference given to oral presentations.
    • funds between $1000-$3000 which covers all expenses related to attending the conference.
  • Microsoft Research India Travel Grants

    • reply in 2-4 weeks.
    • required documents to upload: paper acceptance mail, break-up of costs, paper summary (max 500 words)
  • ACM India - IARCS Travel Grants

    • reply in 4-6 weeks
    • requires you to upload the research paper
    • grants Rs.60,000 (max Rs.1,00,000)
  • ACM-W Scholarship for Attendance at Research Conferences *

    • application deadline and decision dates posted on the website.
    • required information to provide: a statement of why you want to attend the conference, a support letter from your advisor.
  • IEEE WIE Travel Grant *

    • apply atleast 3 months prior to the conference. reply in atmost 2 months.
    • grant upto $750.
    • necessary prerequisite: IEEE WIE member for atleast one year and also hold the membership for the year of application. The conference should be IEEE sponsored conference.
    • required documents to email: paper acceptance mail, recommendation letter from faculty, invitation letter from event organzier, W8/W9 form for US govt. purposes, narrative proposal for grant (upto 300 words)

Note: If you want me to add other grants you know of, email me.

* Women only